Is this right for ME?



1. Do I have the passion for teaching?

If you have an enthusiasm for teaching small kids and have the passion of owning your own business in the education sector then, Naughty Maths help you fulfill all your dreams.


2. Do I have the Financial Capability?

Your financial capacity should be good enough to pay the franchise fee and build the required infrastructure. Moreover, you should also have the patience and an ability to sustain for at least 6 months to achieve a break even. If you are not sure of the above, this is not a right venture for you.


3. Do I have a space?

A minimum space of 250 square feet is required to accommodate a classroom and counseling area.


4. Do I want to be my own boss?

By being a Naughty Maths franchise, you will have innumerable benefits from this association. Being the owner and administrator of the center you will earn profits along with satisfaction and society’s appreciation. This certainly makes you answerable to yourself, being your own boss.


5. Do I have the required patience to wait till the business starts generating profits?

Every business has an incubation period during which it requires efforts for promotion and to acquire identity among masses. Patience and perseverance is required from the owner’s side to go beyond this period and start gaining profits.


6. Do I have the necessary computer skills?

Basic computer literacy is required to run the business which will help you keep the track records and maintain proper data of students. Knowledge of MS-Office becomes highly advantageous for the franchises.

The ERP training is provided online and so having knowledge about computers and internet becomes mandatory. Also, internet knowledge can help you promote the business through social networks etc.