Naughty Maths is a platform for kids that promote good beginnings towards mathematics. Throughout the initial ages, children show strong attraction for maths through activities such as counting their toys, finding patterns in puzzles or building shapes and blocks. But eventually, we experience a withdrawal from the subject. Maths becomes a 'scare' for many.

At Naughty Maths, we adopt game based maths tutoring where children get engaged into play. Pursuing the game, they tackle several problems that help them beat hurdles like time, speed & accuracy. Learning through varied aspects of play often promotes children to think & come up with new approaches.

The features of Naughty Maths program are


Naughty maths works on the “Game based Learning” model.

When children are promoted to learn while playing, they tend to comprehend and remember better. They enjoy more as games are fun and stress-free. Kids practice 'n' number (and type) of problems that feels like play.

This type of learning can also be termed as “Adaptive Learning”. It is dynamic and involves increased participation from children. Advance interpersonal skills and improved brain capacities always trail game based learning.

How playing Naughty Maths games improves children's brain capacities?

Games always drive competitive spirit in every child. Therefore, learning games makes a child

Wonder of Naughty Maths

The most highlighting wonder of Naughty Maths is that it allows children to perform high-speed calculations. After joining this program, kids learn to solve maths problems mentally in just 2 to 3 seconds. Kids can efficiently compete with a calculator and can beat it.

The games played here complement the natural learning process followed by the brain. The mental workouts of the brain make the students active and participative. Ultimately their concentration level and logical thinking improves which promotes the speed of calculations.

What qualities encourage the ability to perform faster?


Are Naughty Maths classes like the regular maths tuitions?

No. This isn't the regular tutoring for mathematics. For children enrolling in this course, we do not teach them on the school syllabus. Here we emphasize on enhancing the children's basic mental maths skills and develop the number sense in them. This becomes possible with the help of games nurturing their mental arithmetic skills.

How do I know in which level should I put my child into?

Do not worry, we are here to decide. We have structured the initial sessions for judging the present understanding of your child. Our panel of experts schedule the sessions one-on-one, to get clear understanding about the child's abilities. Thereafter, we decide the method of teaching and the level of study for your child.

My child is already good at Maths? Why should I take this course for him/her?

This program isn't for children who are good or bad at Maths. This program is designed for accelerating the maths and mental arithmetic of children from an early age. The program adds on to the intellect of children by giving them opportunities to excel in their academics.

My child is “Maths Challenged”. Can he/she participate in your program?

We often find that children who are mathematically challenged excel in the Naughty Maths classes because we teach alternative and innovative approaches to solve the problems. Our 100% game based training allows children to associate with maths in a pleasing and more adaptable manner.


These are some of the games for children of Standard 2nd to 6th