Based on Vedic MATHS

Vedic mathematics is a high-speed system that allows solving numerical problems with ease. It has eternally been adopted by most of the foreign countries (excluding India) like Europe, USA, UK, Africa etc.

This ancient Indian mathematical system encourages the use of one's innovativeness, intuitions and logical thinking abilities. It is a means of optimizing the performance of a student in a classroom, at work place or elsewhere. Its popularity is as much as in teachers as that in students due to its stupefying effects on maths study.

Listed are the features of Vedic Maths system :

  • Is simple and flexible in nature

  • It gives accurate results

  • It saves valuable time by reducing scratch work

  • It develops mental arithmetic skills

  • It provides a competitive edge

  • It increases confidence and intellect of individuals

  • It overcomes the fear of mathematics

  • It facilitates rational thinking

  • It is unified and interrelated

  • It offers cross checking opportunities to get assured about the correct answers

  • And more…

These amazing features can only better be understood once you take the course yourself.


Bharti Krishna Tirathji, the Founder

Jagad Guru, Adi Shankracharya Shri Bharti Krishna Tirathji Maharaj between the periods 1911 to 1918 rediscovered the sixteen sutras of mathematics from the Atharva Vedas, the ancient Indian system of calculations. The sutras collectively were later named as Vedic Maths. These sutras were derived from “The Ganit Sutras” also known as Sulabh Sutras or the simple system of mathematics.

The language of these sutras was in Sanskrit which was difficult to understand for a common man. It took the genius of Tirathji to decode the various layers of similar sets with different meaning & make it understandable for all.

According to his researches, mathematics is based on 16 Sutras or word-formulae. The 16 sutras are further divided into 13 sub-sutras, derived from Vedic text covering every branch and part of mathematics – arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, physics, plain and spherical geometry, conics, calculus- differential and integral, applied mathematics of various kinds, dynamics, hydrostatics, static, kinematics etc.

The Scholar

Shree Bharti Krishna Tirathji was known as Venkatraman before he took to Sainthood. Venkatraman was born on the 14th of March, 1884 at Tinnievelly, Tamil Nadu. The Sanskrit Association of Madras, recognizing his all round proficiency & oratory abilities in Sanskrit, awarded him the title of “Saraswati ” in July 1899. His academic credentials only proved his Genius, as he collected Master's Degree in six subjects – Sanskrit, English, History, Philosophy, Mathematics and Science, form The Bombay Centre of the American College of Science, Rochester, New York.

The Freedom Fighter

He graduated from a lecturer in Baroda College to the Principal of National College Rajamundri, but gave away his brilliant carrier in 1905 to become a Freedom Fighter and an ardent Nationalist. Later, he took to writing for the newspapers supporting the freedom movement.

The Father of Vedic Mathematics

Under the auspicious guidance of Shri Shankracharya, Shri Sachidananda Shiva Abhinava Narsimha Saraswati, he took to Self Realization at Shringeri Matha. He devoted 7 years in deep meditation and study of Vedanta. He lived the life of a Sadhu from 1911 to 1918. During this period of solitude, were born the 16 Sutras with the help of lexicographs, which were later compiled as the Vedic maths. 16 volumes, each per Sutra of text written by Bharti Krishana Tirathji on Vedic maths, were either destroyed or stolen by foreigners from Nagpur, where they were stored. The lost work was later reconstructed in a single volume by Bharti Krishana Tirathji based on his memory, giving a brief on the lost volumes.

The Shankracharya

He was named Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji after being initiated into Sanyas in July 1919 by Shri Trivikram Teerathaji of Varanasi.Shri Trivikram Tirathji appointed him as the Head of Dwarikapeeth in 1921. Later he headed the Govardhan Math Monastry, Puri, Orissa from 1925 to till his Mahasmadhi in the year 1960.


The Vedic maths system has been serving various segments of the society. Be it school kids, competitive exam aspirants, teachers or scientists, all have been benefitted from its flabbergasting effects. The Vedic maths system provides short & logical techniques that enhance the “speed maths” skills and accuracy.

With the elevated use of technology in the education patterns, Naughty Maths has made the experience of learning mathematics a joy for thousands of students. Our methods considering the demands of advanced educational systems have developed software for convenient maths practice, involving complete attention.

There are several advantages of the Vedic Maths system that can be availed by pupils to get better in dealing with numbers and develop love for mathematics.

  • It is a flexible system that encourages students to discover their own approaches to derive solutions for the problems. It lets students come out of the confinement of “only one correct way” to solve a question. As a result, it promotes one's creativity and rational thinking abilities.

  • It edifies students with maths formulas and Vedic maths tricks that help slow learners grasp the basics concepts effectively and without any difficulty to understand.

  • The most astonishing feature i.e. coherence interrelates all the approaches and so allows making use of sutras irrespective of a specific topic of study.

  • It minimizes the use of pen and paper, thereby reducing the scratch work that consumes time. Instead it encourages mental maths, thus saving time.

  • It imbibes strong decision making skills by opting for the best suitable approach to reach the accurate results

Vedic mathematics is a source that boosts one's confidence, increases the memory skills and becomes a stress buster to those who have maths phobia. One need to know the tables only till 9 and the 16 sutras forms the basis to solve even the most complex problems.

One should sincerely consider taking the Vedic maths course to transform into a maths whiz!

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