Why Naughty Maths Franchise?



1. About Naughty Maths

“Naughty Maths” is a competitive and 100% game based program that endow students with challenging opportunities to evolve as intellectual beings. This is a specialized program that ensures practicing maths in an engaging and fun loving environment. Unlike any other maths enrichment program, it enhances the mental arithmetic skills of students through the naughty maths techniques.

We connect the naughtiness of children with the competitive, challenging and interesting games (games=maths=fun). “Happy Stress” (as we call it) while playing these exiting games, increases the dopamine level of children and improves their “number sense” along with the overall brain abilities.

The students enrolling for “Naughty Maths” are taught Maths tricks on a gaming platform to help them perform mental maths with ease, accuracy and speed.


2. Live life king size, Be a Boss!

Owning a Naughty Maths franchise will make you your own boss. With a minimal investment and a will to work hard, this franchise will soon start working in favor you. Associating with a proven model of success will eventually generate profits and attract consistent revenues. Besides, the franchise is sure to give satisfaction of contributing in a noble affair. On the wise, you would be living your life king size.


3. Training

The Knowledge Transfer from our skilled trainers to our franchises is at par to the international standards. We understand that the knowledge we transfer is proportional to the progress of our franchises. And so, we deliver the best training to all our associates.

We provide the convenience of Online Training followed by one-to-one training sessions.

Refresher trainings are scheduled from time-to-time so the trainers can update their knowledge and skills on the latest developments. This facilitates them to deliver the best lessons to their students.

Apart from this, the various other types of trainings provided to the franchises for their successful running of business are:
Office Management Training: For properly maintaining the records of students, parents, enquiries etc.
Marketing Training: To help promote business in the local areas both online and offline
ERP training: To manage all the daily business operations and communications with ease.


4. Service, Support and Development

As a Naughty Maths franchise, you deserve first-class service and support, and we are committed to provide you the same. These services include:

1. ERP Systems:

The franchise benefits from the ERP system, through which we offer convenience, in managing the center as a paperless office thus saving the Manpower Cost.

The various options available to the franchises in the ERP system are:
Manage all business operations online
Update Profile, center details and faculty details
Raise a complaint directly to the concerned department
Register trainers and students and track their progress
Track the dispatch status of the franchise kit
Get Training Updates
Online Certification
Online Billings etc.

2. 24X7 Helpdesk:

The helpdesk offers 24X7 help to the Franchises for any issues, and ensures that it is resolved within 24 hrs. This can be done directly by communicating to the concerned department like Stock Department, Marketing Department, Training Department, and Post Franchise Department etc.

3. Post Franchise Operations Department:

Our specialized Post Franchise Operations Department is responsible to grow our Franchisee from a seed to plant. The major services include ERP training, Franchisee Kit/ Agreement Dispatch, Domain creation, Training needs, Certification etc.

Post Franchise Department provides long-term support and constantly updates the franchises about the latest developments, facilitates the franchise to conduct demos/seminars and various other cost-effective activities to promote their business.

4. Individualized website:

The Franchise gets a dynamic website in his own unique domain name. An individual website lets you to promote your business online over the internet platform and also on the social networks like facebook, LinkedIn and twitter etc. It is beneficial for driving traffic and converting the prospective into customers.

5. Franchisee kit:

The kit contains counseling folder, printing materials, brochures, sign board, flex, posters, pamphlets, visiting cards, and other promotional material to promote business in the local area.

6. Training Kit:

The Kit contains all the materials for the teachers training. The training kit includes course materials in the form of books as well as DVDs to get methodical understanding about the subject to be taught to the students.


5. No Royalty

The “Zero royalty” formula is an important aspect for structuring long-term business relationships with the Franchises.
Naughty Maths does not charge any royalty from the Franchises, which ensures better Return on Investment (ROI) and Break Even Point (BEP) of the business is attained in shorter span of time.
The hassles of paperwork by the Franchise for royalty calculation are eliminated, without causing misunderstanding and misplacement of records.

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